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Evan Schwartz


Evan was also a student of the school of hard knocks. He started cooking at The Tun Tavern at the young age of 15.  From there he passionately pursued his love of cooking and creating.  From Mays Landing Country Club to Hank Sauce to the Casinos, Evan learned in all environments and worked alongside and collaborated with talented chefs.  Evan met both Andrew and Matt while working at Braca Café in Sea Isle City.  There he worked his way from line cook to Executive Chef until he got the band back together and joined Andrew and Matt at The Establishment.

Andrew Steiner


From an early age Andrew found his love of restaurants at his childhood home in Long Island, New York. He worked his way up through local restaurants before attending Johnson and Wales University. Andrew then chased his college sweetheart to the Jersey Shore, a few years later came the marriage and then a baby boy. Without the loving support of his wife and family The Establishment would never be. A life long dream became a reality in late January of 2013 and the roller coaster of a lifetime took off. The Establishment would not be what it is today without the loving support from Andrew’s wife Sarah and his entire family. Andrew prides himself on his work ethic, passion for fresh, all natural ingredients and the ability to create something brilliant out of nothing.

Matt Pendergast


Matt was a student of the school of hard knocks. Having started as a dishwasher at a ripe age of 13 he quickly excelled through the ranks of the back of the house. He had a long career at the Braca Café in Sea Isle City where before his departure was the Executive Chef responsible for the great reputation the restaurant had grown to achieve. Andrew met Matt while working at Braca's and quickly realized that together they were a force to reckoned with. Luckily he agreed to come onboard for the wild ride that today is The Establishment. Dedication, hard work and loyalty are an understatement of what Matt is. Day after day the creativity flows through his veins and is fully shown in his culinary abilities. 

Jessie Baker


Jessie has years of food running and hosting experience under her belt at The Establishment.  She is an integral part of the team and brings a superior level of service to North Wildwood.  Jessie provides a solid foundation for the staff and continues to excel in her role. 

Kelly Pitcock


Kelly has been at The Mint since day one. She has seen the bar through its growth and renovation.  Now she is the one making it run so seamlessly and maintain top quality for our customers. As a bar manager, Kelly displays her passion for a great product and leads her team to do so as well.